As my contribution to Outpost for Contemporary Art‘s Monster Drawing Rally 2010, I decided to make an homage to Russ Feingold, the legendary Democratic Senator from Wisconsin who was defeated during this year’s mid-term Congressional elections. During his 17 years in office, he fought for campaign finance reform, opposed the war in Iraq, and voted against the TARP bailout of the banking industry, amongst other initiatives. (Photo: Emery Martin)

Brush and ink-work in progress. (Photo: Emery Martin)

Feingold was also known for his Listening Sessions, open meetings that he held in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties every year where he listened to people’s concerns and answered their questions. (Image courtesy of

The finished drawing, featuring inscriptions of Wisconsin’s counties. (Photo: Emery Martin)

The drawing was purchased by fellow artist – and art collector – John Burtle. Thanks John! (Photo: Audrey Chan)