Chan & Mann: NATURE! This One’s For You!

Chan & Mann: NATURE! This One’s For You! from Audrey Chan on Vimeo.

Performance by Audrey Chan, Elana Mann, and friends, featured in Fritz Haeg’s This River is Our Parade at the Santa Clara River, Santa Clarita, California on May 14, 2006 (Mother’s Day).

“Our performance for This River is Our Parade is a revival-style motivational workshop for Nature, who has been suffering from acute anxiety disorder. Assisting us in our intervention we have invited an assortment of native (and exotic) animal assistants, including Mr. Whale, Ms. Squirrel, Señorita Skunk, et al. We are also going to moderate a conflict mediation session between Pollution and Nature. We are Chan & Mann, a performance duo composed of Audrey Chan and Elana Mann. Chan and Mann motivate, liberate and gyrate the psyche through live performance for large crowds.”

Photos by David Weldzius and Fritz Haeg

Audrey: Chan, Pollution
Elana: Mann, Mother Nature
Kiki: Humankind
James: Mr. Vulture
Joe: Mr. Whale
Eileen: Señorita Skunk
Alex: The Santa Clara River
Danielle: Caterpillar
Jason: Banner Bearer
Dave: Photographer
Jemima: Videographer

Chan & Mann’s Powerful PowerPoint Proposal from Audrey Chan on Vimeo.

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