Meet the Chans & Manns

Chan & Mann (collaboration with Elana Mann), audio recording, 323 Projects, 2013


“I’m the most qualified to tell you how Audrey, the artist, came into this world.” –Susy Chan

“I never formally asked her to be an artist…” –Jim Chan

“All these creative things that you do help me to see you as your own person.” –Belle Mann

“If [SMILE] magazine actually got popular, we would be broke!” –Jason Mann

The parents of Chan & Mann, Jim & Susy Chan and Jason & Belle Mann, share anecdotes from the artistic development of their daughters. In partnership with 323 Projects, this parental commentary serves as an audio companion to the exhibition, 3 Solo Projects: Audrey Chan, Elana Mann, Chan & Mann, at the Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design.


From “Five Artsy Things to Do in L.A. This Week” by Catherine Wagley, LA Weekly, July 3, 2013:

“Mom and dad’s side of the story
Right now, if you call 323 Projects, the project space that is actually an answering service, you’ll hear Audrey Chan’s and Elana Mann’s parents talking about their daughters’ artistic evolution. Meet the Chans and Manns, as the phone exhibition is called, begins with Chan’s mother. She’s described as “most qualified to tell you how artist Audrey Chan” came to be, and starts the story early: “During the late stage of my pregnancy, I became very big and the doctor told me I was expecting a big boy.” Then she describes labor: “She was big, and I was in a lot of pain. Her dad had to assist me and he almost broke his back/ I think that’s a good foundation. … She came out and grew up into a very strong woman.” It’s charming in the way other people’s family mythologies often are, and calling in feels sort of like tuning in mid-program to a loosely structured spinoff of This American Life. (323) 843-4652.”