Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed

zine, founded in 2016

Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed is a new zine focused on writings and artwork by and about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. In escalating national dialogues around race, AAPI voices continue to be misrepresented or unheard. This zine, inspired by radical AAPI publications like Gidra and named after a song by all-AAPI riot grrl band Emily’s Sassy Lime, is an effort to embrace AAPI voices and contribute to a collective, radical history. The first volume includes a riso poster by Audrey Chan.

Audrey Chan, Carol Cheh, Connie Ho, Emi Kuriyama, and Soyoung Shin

Vanessa Chung, Malisa Humphrey, Audrey Chan, Grace Hwang, John Tain, Steve Wong, Astria Suparak, Carol Cheh, Soyoung Shin, Connie Ho, Hannah Lee, Emi Kuriyama, Elizabeth Ahn, and Morgan Green

The first edition of the Would Be Saboteurs Take Heed was celebrated with a launch party on April 24, 2016 at the Women’s Center for Creative Work hosted by MC Kristina Wong and featured a performance by Jennifer Moon, readings and talks by contributors, and dumplings by JTYH Restaurant. Special thanks to Allison Conner of the WCCW for her support in producing the riso poster. The project is part of Decolonize LA and is supported by Human Resources Los Angeles.